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Tumis Kangkong Belachan

The humble Kangkong is Pagi Sore’s testament to food quality. The simple dish is made from freshly grinded chilli and is cooked dish by dish to ensure every plate is kept consistent in flavour and texture.

Terung Tao Chio

Proclaimed as one of Ms Liyana Kwan’s favourites amongst her recipes, our special savoury sauce with hints of spice is generously topped on piping hot eggplant. A simple dish with satisfying flavours.

Udang Mentega

Wok-Fried Prawns cooked with our very own sugar and butter mix that infuses itself into the prawns. Every bite is sweet, buttery and crunchy all at the same time, delighting the taste buds of any prawn lover!

Ikan Ota Kukus

A Pagi Sore Original and one of Ms Liyana Kwan’s most recognized dishes. Whole Leatherjacket Fish steamed to perfection in a smooth and rich ota-based gravy. Feel your taste buds scream with delight as you dig into the steaming hot and soft flesh.

Tahu Telor

A deep fried tower of delight, packed full of tofu and eggs. Best enjoyed with the accompanying special sweet sauce, hear the tower sizzle and crackle as you pour the sauce over.