Since her establishment in 1989, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant’s aim has always been to provide her customers with original and great tasting Indonesian food. Over her 20 years in running, she has established herself as a common name among Singaporeans albeit with strong competition from other Indonesian restaurants in the industry. Her history is a testament to her success story. 

With her humble beginnings from a “Nasi Padang” concept, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant has evolved over the course of its history into what she is today: An À la carte styled restaurant which uses a mix of traditional Indonesian and Chinese cooking techniques. This creative and unique fusion brings out the aspect of flexibility that often escapes Indonesian cuisines. Through this, a varied menu of original recipes and dishes was created that cater to the customer’s tastes and desires.

When Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant decided to enter the Premix development scope, she began to develop her business model by fine-tuning all operations into a standardized system. This effectively simplified the business format without compromising efficiency or quality. Rather, this paved the way for continuous improvement of product quality and taste.

To accommodate the research and development for the systems, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant acquired a factory premises in 2006 for the production and development of Premixes. Following this, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant placed this system into work by opening her first ever franchise restaurant in Singapore.

Today, Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant, with her team of cooks and service crew, has gone into franchising, intent on bringing her authentic yet original flavours worldwide. Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant seeks to establish herself as a lifestyle brand and her primary focus is this: To bring the elements of an Indonesian dining experience to the masses.

Doxton Road 1989

Amoy Street 1998

Telok Ayer Street 2004

Behind the 28 years of long history that has seen Pagi Sore at where it is today, stands a remarkable woman who has tirelessly imposed her values, principles and heart into a business she believed was her chance to create a milestone and to make a change.

Our Founder, Ms Liyana Kwan has her roots in a humble and nondescript small village of Tanjung Balai, located amongst the Riau Islands, Indonesia. Under her father’s mentorship, she grew up to be a purchaser for her father’s small-scale clothes retail, eventually coming to Singapore for the very first time in 1978. After years of toiling between the two islands, Ms Kwan found herself contemplating life – the ideals and the realities. She felt a strong desire to achieve the ideals of discovering her purpose and limits, while fulfilling the realities of providing for her new and growing little family in Singapore. She sought a life beyond what was offered to her and hungered for opportunities.

She explored her possibilities, limitations and capabilities and finally landed on venturing in the Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry – an industry she believed given her financial and educational limitations that she was able to carve a path with her own two hands and pure hard work. Determined to make something of herself, she took off alone to different parts of Indonesia to explore the native cuisines and to hone her culinary skills. She sought training under numerous teachers and when she finally returned, Ms Kwan was armed with an array of original recipes painstakingly created. She knew she was ready.

Without adequate finances on her side, she threw herself into the fray, working full-time at the outlet with only one other Cook to help cover food preparations. She toiled daily, rain or shine, at times even at the expense of
her own health in order to watch her dream grow. Through it all, she juggled being a business owner and being a Mother to two young boys.

And grow it did. Ever the forward looking business woman, she understood the need to grow the business beyond its simple four walls and thus she began putting all her efforts and spending endless time drawing up a new plan and business strategy for Pagi Sore. Hours upon hours were spent in bookshops and libraries, pouring upon text after text on the subject of business development and management strategies. The result was the birth of Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant, a full-service restaurant that employs a fusion of authentic Indonesian spices and recipes with the intensity of Chinese cooking techniques. Ms Kwan poured all her resources and took a gamble with her first restaurant, tucked in a quiet and unremarkable corner of Amoy Street. More so than her gamble, it was her tenacity and beliefs that brought the ultimate reward. Customers who appreciated her no-compromise policies on food quality and remembered the flavours that the remarkable Ms Kwan once brought to Duxton Road flooded the restaurant and returned once again to revisit the dishes they thought was lost.

Ms Kwan’s food drew in large crowds and eventually attracted the attention of Far East Square, where she was offered a larger space to accommodate the snaking queues and with a larger kitchen to spread her wings.

Relentless in her journey for success and self-improvement, Ms Kwan continues till this day, to pour her energies and focuses into Pagi Sore, and forges on to bring the her brand to new heights.

自从1989年设立开始, “Pagi Sore” 印尼餐厅的首要目标定为满足顾客追求原始和美味的印尼料理的需求。在20多年的经营里,本品牌将自己建立成在新加坡市场里家喻户晓的名分。本店的长久历史证明了我们在市场的地位。

由传统的 “巴东”(Padang)式摊位模型开始,Pagi Sore印尼餐厅随着时间的流逝,将自己重塑为今日的 “点菜“(À La Carte)式餐厅。本店混合了传统的印尼香料和中餐的火候和烹饪技术,将料理的香味提高到顶端。从始至终本店也创出了原始原味的菜单,满足了顾客的口味。

Pagi Sore为了加强产品的质量控制,在20多年的研发中也创了自己独特的预制材料。预制材料也便连锁式的开发,因此本店也当儿在寻找价值观符合的连锁伙伴,希望能在接近的未来将我们独特的料理发扬各界。

Doxton Road 1989

Amoy Street 1998

Telok Ayer Street 2004

在“Pagi Sore”印尼餐厅30年的历史背后站着一位卓越的企业家。创办者 Liyana女士孜孜不倦的将她的价值管,原则和心投资在她的营业。 Liyana女士来之印尼廖内(Riau)的小岛群,背景平凡,在小康之家长大。在父亲的指导下,对小型买卖开始培养兴趣,因此在1978年来到了新加坡扩大视野。在新加坡组织了自己的小家庭后,Liyana发现自己开始寻找自己人生的目标和意义,想衡量自己能力的极限。

Liyana渴望着生命中种种的机会。接受自己背景的教育和经济的现实,最终选着了她认为能够用双手和努力熬出来的企业:饮食业。坚持着自己的目标,Liyana自己到印尼不同的城市和省,为了探索各式各样的印尼料理和发展厨艺。在不同导师下学艺,Liyana创了自己独特和原始的食谱,终于回到了新加坡。 在经济能力的约束下,Liyana在新开的摊位自己拼搏,唯有一个帮手协助。无论日晒雨淋,以健康为代价,Liyana守着她的小摊位,不但实行一位企业家的负担,也守着当母亲的责任。Liyana将对自己个人的原则套进她的料理,摊位一炮橙红。

由于个人眼光遥远,Liyana看到了小摊位的生命极限,因此开始将精神放入进一步的发展。他花费了多数的时间在书店和书局,翻了无数的商业和管理研究本子,加强自己的智慧和学问。她的精神诞生出了今日的Pagi Sore,一个全面服务的餐厅。料理的秘诀混合了真重的印尼香料和中餐激烈而精确的火候。

Liyana将所有的资源投资在一间小餐厅,开在“厦门街”(Amoy Street)里不起眼的小角落。虽如此,她的韧劲和原则带来的酬劳实现了。以为Liyana的料理已失传了的老顾客都赶着回来吃,心里挂念着小摊位老板娘对料理品质的坚定。小餐厅日常中的顾客人群吸引到“直落亚逸”(Telok Ayer)地点的雇主,因此邀请Pagi Sore设立一家尺寸大两倍的餐厅。Pagi Sore的“第一老店”诞生了。

所谓“活到老,学到老”Liyana至今还在不断的把心思放进营业,将Pagi Sore传给下一代,继续把美味的料理带给大众。