A: Yes we are! All Pagi Sore Outlets and its Catering Services are certified Halal by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

A: Yes, both restaurants are available for event bookings such as: Birthdays, Company Events, Weddings or just a regular large Friends or Family Gathering etc.

A: Far East Square Outlet can seat up to 120 customers at any one time.
can seat up to 80 customers at any one time.

A: No! Pagi Sore’s Founder and Executive Chef, Ms Liyana Kwan focuses her recipes to maximize flavours instead of spice level. We also serve an array of dishes that range in spice level. In fact, a number of our Signature Dishes such as the Ikan Ota Kukus, Ayam Bali and Tahu Telor are not spicy at all. So please eat with ease and to your heart’s content!

A: Yes we do! Do take note though, that reservations are only held for up to 10 minutes so if you are going to be late, please call us back or we will have to give up the table :(


A: Well yes! Of course we do!

A: Disposable cutleries and paper napkins are provided for all menus at a 1:1 ratio with buffer. Additional sets can be purchased at $0.50/set.

A: Unfortunately no. As we are Halal-Certified, our equipment are strictly for use with our own products in order to prevent cross contamination.

A: No we do not. The NEA advisory has set strict requirements on catered food to be consumed within 4 hours upon being cooked to the time of consumption. This is to ensure not only food quality but also safe consumption. We DO NOT advise customers to pack leftover food and are not liable if they choose to do so.

A: Frankly, this is a tough question to gauge, as customers differ in the amount of consumption depending on your guests. Based on feedback however, there is always enough food for the number of guests order plus perhaps a 5% to 10% buffer.

A: As of this FAQ, we do not rent additional tables and chairs

A: Yes, we will provide the tables for the setup unless otherwise instructed. We use authentic Indonesian Batik Cloth of our skirtings and we change colours and designs as and when necessary.

A: Customers are advised to either order a vegetarian packed meal from us, or alternatively, we do have vegetarian dishes among our regular catering menus. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions for your vegetarian guests, as they vary from person to person based on our experience.


A: We take cash and all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) at all Pagi Sore restaurant outlets. We also take cheques and bank transfers for events of a larger scale for the convenience of our customers.

A: Step 1: Download our menus from our Home Delivery page on our website.
Step 2: Fill in your order details and fax it to us at 6536 1373 or email us at

Alternatively, call us at 6225 6002 for any clarifications before placing your order.

A: You will receive a call from our Catering Executives within 24 hours upon receiving your order. Alternatively, you can call us at 6225 6002 to check the status of your order.

A: Please see our terms and conditions on our website under Home Delivery > Terms & Conditions or just click here for the link.

A: Please see our terms and conditions on our website under Home Delivery > Terms & Conditions or just click here for the link.